Tedoo cu Brad Florescu

English Bits

For our English readers. Kindly translated by Andreea Sminchise.

You Know You’ve Spent Too Much Time in Thailand If:

1. You know the other song of Job2Do. 19. You can easily remember names like “Nakhon Si Thammarat”, “Prachuap Khiri Khan” or “Ubon Rachathani” but frequently forget the word for five (I think it’s haa). 26. You use a calculator to add seven to twelve.

Sumatra Tsunami Cafe (Episode 3). The Roads from Hell.

If you were born in a country where bad roads are kind of a trade mark, like I was, then you should come for a week’s drive on Sumatra. What am I saying? You should try a day’s drive; or just an hour’s drive. I guarantee that if you manage to reach your destination without losing either your life or your mind, you’ll end up thanking Heavens for the bad roads in your home country.